Video emerged as a powerful medium

Video is becoming increasingly important in the workplace and online. Accentweb creates videos by combining video and audio clips, photography and text in short informative video format. There are many uses for our video clips including:

  • Virtual Tours
  • Short Promotional Videos
  • Videos for a trade show
  • Demonstration of a product or service
  • Social Media Posts

The videos can be used to provide a virtual tour, a demonstration of a product or a promotional video.

The videos can be displayed on your website or used for presentations or trade show displays.

We’ve seen the rapid increase in data storytelling firsthand. From nonprofits and health organizations visualizing public health data to businesses and workplaces bringing presentations and reports to life, millions of people are using all kinds of data in their designs. We also recently introduced a number of new features making it easier for our community to create charts, connect to data sources, and design interactive infographics

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Below is an example of the short video providing a virtual tour of the Miami Railway Station Museum.